Why Your Training Has Hit a Wall

Tim Zakowski
Why Your Training Has Hit a Wall

Every experienced weightlifter knows the word plateau. It is that dreaded but all-too-common point in your training where further gains are slow to nonexistent. You continue to put in the effort, but it only serves to maintain your physique. The problem could be your training program, but perhaps not. Molecular Nutrition CEO William Llewellyn proposed a theory more than a decade ago. He suggested that the fatty acid content in your muscle cells tightly controls your ability to make gains. Principal among them, an omega-6 called arachidonic acid (ARA). In an industry deeply invested in old technologies like creatine and beta alanine, many scoffed at the idea. Today, however, Mr. Llewellyn’s critics are hard to find. Arachidonic acid is now proven sports science, with a major university trial behind it. Have you even considered how much ARA is in your muscles? If not, its time you do.


The PLOS ONE Study

In this groundbreaking study, thirty young experienced weightlifters were given 6 capsules of X-FACTOR™ per day, or an identical-looking placebo. The men were subject to a monitored weightlifting program for 8 weeks. The program was designed to mimic real world conditions for experienced lifters, where training has become more routine, and gains incremental. Measures were taken of body composition, strength, and anaerobic performance at the start of the study, as well as its conclusion. Neither the participants nor the researchers knew which group was taking X-FACTOR™ until the very end, after all measures were calculated.

The results of this study were concise and clear. The experienced weightlifters taking placebo remained in a training plateau, as expected. Their progress was minor, and largely insignificant. The subjects taking X-FACTOR, on the other hand, broke right through the training plateau. They were the only group to report significant progress on measures of Lean Body Mass (LBM), Upper Body (Bench Press) Strength, and Peak Anaerobic Power. The men gained nearly 4 pounds of solid muscle, about a half a pound per week! These results were striking, and finally validated Mr. Llewellyn’s original theory. Further, they put X-FACTOR™ in a unique place among sport supplements. Not only is it a powerful muscle builder, but it is the only product ever proven to break plateau like this!

arachidonic acid effect on lean body mass Arachidonic acid (X-Factor) effect on strength


The Industry Response

Even before the study was published, the preliminary results were circulated within the sports nutrition industry. Major magazines such as FLEX, Muscle & Fitness, Muscular Development, and TRAIN reviewed the study data. Below is just a small collection of their comments in response.


X-FACTOR Media Reviews —
Muscular Development

"Stop wasting your time with useless products ... X-FACTOR is king!"

Muscle & Fitness

"10 Best New Advances in Bodybuilding"


"…great potential to be a potent new tool in the modern athlete's nutritional arsenal."


"If you thought essential fatty acids were a settled subject, think again."


"Whether you're trying to bulk up or lose fat, new research found this [...] could help you."

Brink Zone

"Can it increase strength and muscle mass as a supplement? The answer appears to be a solid yes."


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