About us

Founded in 2001 by William Llewellyn, Molecular Nutrition is dedicated to the research, development, and clinical validation of innovative and effective sports nutrition technologies. With several U.S. patents granted, Molecular has designed and produced some of the most effective ergogenic aids the industry has seen to date. Our primary mission is not the marketing of existing nutritional products, but the inception of exciting new technologies that will have lasting value in the athletic community. Furthermore, we are one of only a handful of companies that has funded independent University clinical studies, which are designed to evaluate and verify the efficacy of our products under the most rigid of academic standards.

You can find our products studied by some of the most well-known Universities, reviewed in some of the most prestigious sports medicine journals, and licensed by some of the most popular sports supplement companies in the industry today. Always thinking about future opportunities for innovation and success, we are one of a select handful of companies that continues to allot a large portion of its income to research and development.

WL's Patent Portfolio Includes:

  • 6,841,573 - Use of arachidonic acid as a method of increasing skeletal muscle mass*
  • 6,531,162 - Adrenergically-mediated weight loss product
  • 6,451,782 - Use of 4-androstene-3alpha,17 beta-diol to increase testosterone levels in humans
  • 6,242,436 - Use of 5alpha-androstanediol or 5alpha-androstanedione to increase dihydrotestosterone levels in humans
  • 20030027805 - Use of 1,4-androstadienedione as a method of increasing levels of the anabolic/androgenic steroid boldenone in humans. (Application)