Media Coverage

Molecular Nutrition's flagship product X-FACTOR™ (Arachidonic Acid) has been receiving critical acclaim among the bodybuilding press. Below you can access some of the most popular reviews of this significant and legitimate anabolic breakthrough! 

Muscular Development

Muscular Development - May 2015

FLEX Magazine

FLEX - Nov 2014


TRAIN Magazine - May 2015

Muscle & Fitness

Muscle & Fitness - Oct 2014 ARA Article - July 2015

BrinkZone Arachidonic Acid Article

BrinkZone - July 2014

Perfect Body Arachidonic Acid Article

Perfect Body (Polish) - Sept-Oct 2014
Perfect Body (Polish) - Nov-Dec 2014
Perfect Body (Polish) - Jan-Feb 2015

FLEX Nederland

FLEX Nederland (Dutch) - Feb 2010

William Llewellyn also lectures on Arachidonic Acid, and has presented at the following events: 

NutriShop Olympia Expo Conference - September 2015

Supply Side West Conference - October 2014

ISSN (international Society of Sports Nutrition) National Conference - June 2014

Europa Headquarters - September 2013