X-Factor Daily

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Vendor: Molecular Nutrition
  • 350mg ARA Powder (10% arachidonic acid) per capsule
  • As much ARA as 6 ounces of USDA Beef
  • For weightlifting or resistance trained individuals
  • Keep ARA levels optimal, and gains coming

X-FACTOR DAILY is a dietary supplement containing arachidonic acid (ARASYN), one of the body’s most important regulators of muscle protein synthesis. Levels of ARA within the muscles can decline with regular training, which can make it much harder to trigger new gains. This phenomenon is known as training stagnation, or a plateau. X-FACTOR DAILY can help maintain optimal levels of arachidonic acid, so the muscles remain enriched with this vital nutrient, and ongoing gains are supported or optimized. This supplement is recommended for regular weightlifters and resistance trained individuals, or those with otherwise inadequate dietary intakes of arachidonic acid.  

Each capsule of X-FACTOR DAILY contains 35mg of Arachidonic Acid. This is as much ARA as found in 6 ounces of USDA beef (ribeye). Recommend intake is 2-3 capsules per day during periods of consistent or intense resistance training.

X-FACTOR DAILY is a product of Molecular Nutrition, the original innovators of arachidonic acid supplementation in sport. Designed to be a convenient regular daily supplement of arachidonic acid. 

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